The Very Clever Bit

At birth, a baby’s feet are made of soft cartilage, which over the years gradually ossifies (turns into bone), so the first few years of a child’s life are of vital importance when it comes to choosing correctly-fitting shoes. The pressure of ill-fitting footwear – both shoes and even socks that are too tight! - can cause bones and joints that are not fully developed to become distorted. Small children cannot tell you if their shoes are too tight, and forcing delicate, growing feet into ill-fitting footwear when young can store up problems in later life – not only in the feet themselves, but also causing problems with posture, affecting the legs, hips, back and neck.

There are 26 bones in the foot, and these are not fully ossified until the age of eighteen! Young children’s feet can grow quickly and they should have their feet measured and checked regularly. For babies and toddlers between 0-3 years, this should be every 4-6 weeks. From 3-4 years children’s feet should be checked every 6-8 weeks and once they have started school, this can be reduced to every three months.

This is not to say that children will need new shoes each time their feet are measured, but little feet grow erratically, and can grow rapidly by half a shoe size during a growth spurt.

With our own experience of shopping for children’s shoes, we know what a stressful occasion this can turn out to be, so we aim to make the shoe-buying experience fun and relaxing for all the family. Our staff are all professionally trained in shoe-fitting and, as parents themselves, understand the needs of our customers. We offer a personal service, taking the time to ensure that young children feel relaxed and secure and listening to our customers’ requirements before beginning the measuring process.